Meet the Makers

Our ethos at I AM PYLGRYM is very much rooted in the philosophy of yoga which celebrates unity in diversity. We are inspired by travel, colour, texture, prints, nature, connection, humanness, and inclusion. We believe strongly in fusing the worlds of the East and West and harmonising them through fashion.

I AM PYLGRYM is dedicated to sourcing and promoting artisans on a global scale who fit our community mood of caring for the earth, its inhabitants while being paid fairly.

We are committed to caring for the wellbeing of our staff and affiliate partners, as well as caring for this planet, and all of you. Our packaging is mindfully sourced, recyclable, and made with fair trade materials. Our garments are manufactured with mostly natural fibres, and we are working towards a completely sustainable range in the future. The majority of our current collections are made using high grade and ethically sourced biodegradable cotton fibre which is breathable, washable, and recyclable, and the embellishments used are recycled glass beads and sequins.

Aware of Who We Want to Be

While we are not 100% there yet, I AM PYLGRYM is committed to finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some of the ways we have consciously chosen to lean towards a sustainable and eco-friendly approach:

• use recyclable mailer bags

• consolidate shipments of garments to minimise pollution from transportation

• use recycled glass beads and sequins on embellished garments where possible

• use recycled paper and card for all swing tags

• recycled tissue paper for packaging

• most fabrics used are plant based and biodegradable

Community Comes First

Giving back is a vital aspect of yoga, called Karma Yoga which literally translates to “serving others”. We encourage our clients and manufacturing partners alike to donate and contribute to a good cause. I AM PYLGRYM aims to donate a portion of sales to charity in line with our ethos in supporting, guiding, inspiring women and children.

From the Roots Up

We are creating a global community of women – mothers, teachers, seekers, guides, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers, artists and creatives, who just love to stand in their authentic selves and share their light with the world.

The feminine wanderluster, whose heart expands to share her wisdom. She who dares to take risks to live fully, connected to nature, and who inspires her feminine sisterhood to do the same.

Tapping into the world of the sacred ancients, where Mother Earth was cared for and revered, the I AM PYLGRYM woman aspires to connect her inner light to these principles. She aspires to shop consciously, ethically, and create awareness of how we can collectively care for Mother Earth, both for this generation and those to come.