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Ombre Jacket

Ombre Jacket

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The Ombre Jacket is a woven cotton masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of seasons. With a mid-length design and thoughtfully placed large pockets, this jacket seamlessly blends functionality with style.

Immerse yourself in a tapestry of autumnal hues as the Ombre Jacket showcases a captivating play of colors reminiscent of nature's changing palette. Its boho-chic charm adds an air of free-spirited elegance to your ensemble, making it a perfect match for any occasion.

Crafted with attention to detail, this jacket wraps you in comfort while embracing you in a whisper of artistic expression. Whether layered over a sundress in spring or paired with cozy layers in fall, the Ombre Jacket is your canvas for showcasing a style that's uniquely yours. Embrace the bohemian spirit and redefine elegance with a piece that celebrates individuality – the Ombre Jacket.

Colour: Cream base with ombre Autumn woven threads
Fibre: 100% Cotton

This is a free size jacket that fits comfortably to a size 12.

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