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Intuition Mala


Following your intuition is essential for your wellness. Clear your mind and heart of any confusion and fear so you can listen to your inner voice with clarity and conviction.

Clear the mental clutter with a gentle mindfulness routine, including meditation. Find a quiet place and take your Intuition Mala with you to help you increase your intuitive powers. You will find that even with 5 mins of concentrated time of connection to yourself will increase your intuitive ability and receptivity. This Mala has a particular combination of healing stones to help you find inner peace and connection to source energy.


Aquamarine Nugget Guru bead, Aquamarine, Morganite, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli.

– Aquamarine evokes the calmness of the ocean. This beautiful pale blue stone is said to be the treasure of the mermaids. Aquamarine is said to bring calmness, serenity and activates self soothing powers.  
– Morganite is a powerful healing stone for love, self confidence and spiritual growth. It is recommended for those who want to dissolve negative emotions and allow the heart to truly let go.
– Howlite helps to aid those who suffer from sleep disorders / disturbance due to an overactive mind. 
– Lapis Lazuli is associated with strength, wisdom and developing psychic ability.  


Dust or wipe clean only.
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